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myfandoms's Journal

MyFandoms.com is a new site online that is FAN CENTRAL. Whether you're a fan of a TV show, movies, an actor, an author, books, a sports team or athelete, or you want to be a star yourself, we have the BEST FAN TOOLS ONLINE: excellent software for fan fiction, fan art, fan videos, fan photos, and our fabulous Build Your Own Fan Site software!!!

We are presently launched in *beta* phase and are inviting those of you who like to test new things to come check us out. We're doing a site redesign with a whole new look within the next week.

In the meantime, join MyFandoms. Build a fan site, post or read some fan fic, check out some videos or photos. And check out the community tools--network with other fans!

INSIDER INFO: there will be two contests coming up later this fall: a fan fic contest and a fan site building contest. There will some Hollywood directors, producers, and writers as judges, and the prizes will include a walk on part in a movie, private Hollywood studio tours, and autographed scripts! Get a head start building those sites and submitting your fan fic!